Instructions for use of Envita™ on Corn: In-Furrow

Envita has the potential to replace nitrogen fertilizer inputs while maintaining high yields and can even provide a yield bump at a full rate of nitrogen fertilizer. In order to get the best results with Envita, follow these instructions for in-furrow application on corn.

Envita will come packaged in a multipack box. Each 1 gallon jug is concentrated product and has enough product to cover 40 acres of corn when diluted and applied in-furrow. Follow the instructions below to dilute, mix, and apply Envita.

Keys to Success

  1. Do not open the bottle of Envita before you intend to apply it. Use all of the product in the bottle on the day that the bottle is opened.
  2. Envita MUST be applied in-furrow directly to the seed. Applying below or beside the seed may not yield desired results.
  3. Do not mix Envita directly with Urea in a tank mix. Envita is compatible with most other tank mix products but contact your Envita representative or Azotic North America if you have any questions.
  4. When mixing Envita with any starter fertilizer other than Urea, do not allow to sit in tank overnight. All Envita should be applied on the day it is mixed in the tank.
  5. Envita is most effective when applied in moist soil conditions – if possible, do not apply in very dry soils.
  6. Envita is most effective when crop germinates after a suitable delay after planting – if possible, do not apply in very cold or dry conditions that may slow germination. .
  7. Store and keep Envita out of extreme hot or cold temperatures. If possible, refrigerate at approximately 40-50 F

Mix the product following these instructions:

  1. Mix each 1 gallon bottle well by shaking.
  2. For each 1 gallon bottle of Envita, dilute by mixing with 99 gallons of water for a final volume of 100 gallons. Rinse the Envita bottle with water and add that water into the mix tank so that any of the Envita left in bottle will be captured in the final mix.
  3. Taking into account the size of your tank and the acreage of corn to be treated, add 2.5 gallons of diluted Envita from step 2 into your tank for every acre of corn to be treated.
  4. If not mixing with anything else to be applied in-furrow, apply mixture from step 3 at a rate of 2.5 gallons/acre in-furrow directly to the seed at planting.
  5. If applying other products in addition to Envita in-furrow, up to 2.7 gallons/acre of other compatible in-furrow products may be mixed with Envita in the tank mix to be applied in-furrow directly to the seed at planting.

Mix Instructions

Envita Concentrate Water Mixed Product Area Covered
1 gallon 99 gallons 100 gallons 40 acres

Application Rate in Tank-Mix

Envita Concentrate Mixed Product Additional Products Total Application
3.2 oz per acre 2.5 gallons per acre Up to 2.7 gallons per acre Up to 5.2 gallons per acre

For inquiries on other application methods and/or use on crops other than corn, please contact Azotic at: 1-877-368-4821 or

Our N-fixing technology can truly make a difference in your crops. Whether applying in-furrow or on seed, whether for rice, corn, wheat, or soybean crops, Envita can set you up for success. Register today and start seeing results.