The concentration of Envita bacteria requires it to be diluted with water before being poured into the tank with starter/pop-up fertilizer. We’ve learned some farmers aren’t diluting Envita first as directed in the use instructions. This has the effect of shocking the bacteria into binding together creating a sludge-like substance in the tank and, in extreme cases, clogging the filter. If you dump Envita directly into the tank, you will cause this effect.


To avoid any potential issues, use Envita as per use instructions summarized below:

  1. Mix each 1 gallon bottle well by shaking.
  2. For each 1 gallon bottle of Envita, dilute by mixing with 99 gallons of water for a final volume of 100 gallons. Rinse the Envita bottle with water and add that water into the mix tank so that any of the Envita left in bottle will be captured in the final mix.
  3. Taking into account the size of your tank and the acreage of corn to be treated, add 2.5 gallons of diluted Envita from step 2 into your tank for every acre of corn to be treated.
  4. If not mixing with anything else to be applied in-furrow, apply mixture from step 3 at a rate of 2.5 gallons/acre in-furrow directly to the seed at planting.
  5. If applying other products in addition to Envita in-furrow, up to 2.7 gallons/acre of other compatible in-furrow products may be mixed with Envita in the tank mix to be applied in-furrow directly to the seed at planting.



Anything less than a 100:1 water ratio requires a jar test before planting to ensure compatibility with any starter fertilizers, etc. Take your diluted Envita and mix it with the starter mix. If it remains in solution, you are good to go. If it creates a biofilm, add more water and perform another jar test.

Although we have heard of some cases where a 10:1 ratio has worked, the ONLY way to know for sure is to follow the use instructions or do your own jar test.


Full Instructions for use of Envita™: In Furrow Application

Envita has the potential to replace nitrogen fertilizer inputs while maintaining high yields and can even provide a yield bump at a full rate of nitrogen fertilizer. In order to get the best results with Envita, follow these instructions for in-furrow application on corn.

Envita™ Use Instructions: Corn In Furrow (EN)

Envita™ Use Instructions: Corn In Furrow (SP)

Envita™ Use Instructions: Soybean In Furrow (EN)

Envita™ Use Instructions: Soybean In Furrow (SP)


In-furrow is the recommended application method. Seed treatment is possible as an over-treatment on corn or a custom treatment on soybeans but requires higher water volumes than what growers may be used to. Please contact us if you are considering applying Envita as a seed treatment.