Instructions for use of in-furrow application of Envita™ on Corn



Envita has the potential to replace nitrogen fertilizer inputs while maintaining high yields and can even provide a yield bump at a full rate of nitrogen fertilizer. In order to get the best results with Envita, follow these instructions for in-furrow application on corn.

Envita will come packaged in a multipack box. Each 1 gallon jug is concentrated product and has enough product to cover 40 acres of corn when diluted and applied in-furrow. Follow the instructions below to dilute, mix, and apply Envita.

In-Furrow Mixing Instructions:

  1. Shake each 1 gallon Envita bottle thoroughly (minimum 30 seconds) before mixing.
  2. Dilute Envita concentrate 100x: For each 1 gallon Envita bottle, mix with 99 gallons of water for a final volume of 100 gallons. Rinse the Envita bottle with water and add that rinse into the mix tank.
  3. Add 2.5 gallons of diluted Envita mix from step 2 into your tank for every acre to be treated. Apply Envita mixture at a rate of 2.5 gallons/acre in-furrow directly onto the seed at planting.
  4. If applying additional products with Envita: Up to 3 gallons/acre of other compatible products may be mixed with Envita in the tank to be applied in-furrow. However, NEVER combine undiluted Envita with undiluted fertilizer products at any stage.

Recommended mix order when mixing Envita with other products:


Recommended Option A:

Recommended Option B:

NEVER MIX UNDILUTED ENVITA WITH UNDILUTED FERTILIZER. The following mixing order is NOT recommended.


Envita Concentrate Envita Diluted Mix Additional Products Total Application Rate
3.2 oz/ac 2.5 gal/ac Up to 3 gal/ac Up to 5.5 gal/ac



Keys to Success:


  • Do not freeze Envita. Store Envita in cool conditions and out of direct sunlight. If possible, refrigerate (39°F-46°F) until use if the product is not being applied within 3 days of receipt. Large temperature fluctuations should be avoided.
  • Do not open the bottle of Envita before you intend to apply it. Apply all of the product on the day that the bottle is opened.
  • Envita MUST be applied in-furrow directly onto the seed. Applying below or beside the seed may not yield desired results.
  • Follow Envita dilution instructions and be sure to mix product in the order described previously – failure to dilute Envita or mixing in the incorrect order will impact product performance.
  • Envita is compatible with many tank mix products. Contact your Envita representative or Azotic North America if you have any questions regarding compatibility of specific tank mix products.
  • Do not mix Envita directly with Urea in tank mix.
  • In absence of fertilizer tank-mix, the diluted product is stable in water for up to 12 hrs.
  • If mixing with fertilizer, it is recommended that low salt-index fertilizers (SI <20) be used and the final concentrations minimized for best Envita performance. Apply on farm within 6 hrs of mixing Envita with starter fertilizer.


If you have any questions, please contact Azotic at 1-877-368-4821 or


Downloadable PDF

English: Envita In Furrow Mixing Instructions - 2020 (EN)

Spanish: Envita In Furrow Mixing Instructions - 2020 (SP)


How to Conduct a Jar Test with Envita:

Envita is compatible with most pop-up/starter fertilizers. For best results carefully follow mixing / use instructions and review our information on tank mix partners. Review this video on how to conduct an at home or in field jar test with Envita, to ensure your mixing ratios stay in solution.


In-furrow is the recommended application method. Seed treatment is possible as an over-treatment on corn or a custom treatment on soybeans but requires higher water volumes than what growers may be used to. Please contact us if you are considering applying Envita as a seed treatment.