Instructions for use of foliar application of Envitaon Corn



Envita has the potential to replace nitrogen fertilizer inputs while maintaining high yields and can even provide a yield bump when used with a full rate of nitrogen fertilizer. 

Envita concentrate comes packaged in 1-gallon bottles. Each gallon of Envita will cover 25 acres when applied as a foliar application between V2-V6. Carrier volume- 15-20 gallons/ac. Recommended Carrier volume 20 Gallons/ac. 

Envita is compatible for tank-mixing with most leading post-emergent herbicides in corn.  Avoid mixing with 2,4-D, MCPA or herbicides containing these active ingredients.  

Envita Mixing Instructions: 

  1. Shake each 1 gallon Envita bottle thoroughly (minimum 30 seconds) before mixing. 
  2. If using Envita on its own, apply 5.12 oz/ac in 20 gallons/acre carrier volume of water.
  3. If using Envita on its own, It is recommended that 0.01% nonionic surfactant be mixed with Envita. 
  4. If mixing with a herbicide, follow the herbicide label advice for spray adjuvants.
  5. If mixing with a herbicide, apply 5.12 oz/ac Envita and use the maximum allowed carrier volume of water. 
    • Before mixing with any agrichemical (e.g. a herbicide), check for physical compatibility by doing a jar test. 
    • Do not mix concentrated Envita with concentrated agrichemical. Dilute Envita with water first.  
    • Perform mixes immediately before use. Do not allow mix to sit in the tank.

Mix in the following order: 

Option A:  1) Water 2) Envita 3) Agrichemical 4) Spray adjuvants (if applicable).

Option B:  1) Water 2) Agrichemical 3) Envita  4) Spray adjuvants (if applicable).


See mixing volume examples in Table 1 below. 

Treatment Envita Herbicide Carrier Volume
Envita Only 5.12 fl oz/ac NA 20 gal/ac
Envita + herbicide 5.12 fl oz/ac X gal/ac* 20 gal/ac – X gal/ac**



Table 1. Example tank mix volumes

*X gal/ac = recommended amount of agrichemical based on agrichemical label

** Use maximum carrier volume allowed by agrichemical label. Do not exceed maximum carrier volume allowed by agrichemical label.


In order to get the best results with Envita, follow these best use practices.

  • The best time to apply Envita to the foliage is at the 2 – 4 leaf stage (V2-V4).
    • It is recommended to apply foliar treatments with a flat fan nozzle.
    • Apply first thing in the morning when the stomata are open but before drying time is accelerated. 
  • Standard spray settings are recommended for application. For best results, use 100 mesh screen, flat fan nozzles, and water pressure of 35-45 psi (2.5-3 bar). Do NOT exceed water pressure of 45 psi (3 bar).
  • Do not apply if a rain event is likely in 6 hours of applying Envita.
  • Store and keep Envita out of extreme hot or cold temperatures: ideally between 39-46°F.

Downloadable PDF

English: 2020 Envita Foliar Application Instructions (EN)

Spanish: 2020 Envita Foliar Application Instructions (ES)



In-furrow and foliar are the recommended application methods. Seed treatment is possible as an over-treatment on corn or a custom treatment on soybeans but requires higher water volumes than what growers may be used to. Please contact us if you are considering applying Envita as a seed treatment.