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North central Iowa grower sees 26 bu/ac difference with Envita™ despite over 50 inches of rain in 2018

Trial Overview

Location: North central Iowa

Population: 33,000

Nitrogen: 140 lb in fall the with N-serve

Dry fertilizer: 30-60-90

Pre – Harness Xtra
Post – Calisto

Envita™ acres planned for 2019: 600

It was a wet year with over 50 inches of rain. We also had heavy winds at VT stage which led to green snap below the ear. The final stand was considerably lower than planted. The only difference in the Envita test was adding the Envita to the test. 

We’re looking at 26 bushel/acre difference on corn. I was very impressed. We ran a test through Climate. It was at one point 6% higher moisture than my non-Envita crops and it all shows up on the test: there is quantifiable proof. Price is a big factor for future purchases. If we can hold the price down so we can take another look at it, I would be interested in purchasing for next year. I ran a lot of tests for a lot of companies, and only two of them were worth at looking at again. Envita was one of them. We are excited to move on. Count me in for next year.