The 2018 Envita™ grower program includes 90 trials across corn, soybean and other crops throughout 11 US states. 

Yield results from the 2018 Grower Program are still coming in and are looking strong. We look forward to gathering all the data and sharing it with you as soon as we can.

Envita changes the nitrogen equation on your farm. Applied on seed, Envita enables every cell in the plant to fix its own nitrogen. Air is 78% Nitrogen and Envita bacteria naturally metabolizes N directly from the air allowing you to reduce your N fertility program and hit your yield goals OR maintain your N fertility program and shoot for even higher yields.

The Envita Difference:

  1. Replaces 25 to 50% of the plant’s nitrogen needs.
  2. When full recommended rates of N fertilizer are used, 5-13% yield increases have been seen in corn trials in the US and around the world.
    • Depending on corn prices and your local yield potential, Envita can pay for itself with as low as 1% increase in yield.
  3. Similar results were seen in soybeans and other staple crops.

Ready to try Envita for yourself? Excited to see what this nitrogen-fixing technology can do? Contact Azotic North America to get started.