Bo Raulerson – Hayti, Missouri

2018 Grower Program Profile

Bo Raulerson

Hayti, Missouri

2 corn in furrow trials


Trial 1: 31 bu/ac (13.96%) yield increase with Envita

Trial 2:  5.44 bu/ac (2.44%) yield increase with Envita

2019 acres of Envita booked: 1600

“Envita gives me the chance to fix what I don’t have a chance to do myself, whether it’s too much rain or we have other delays. So many things can go wrong on any given day, it’s good to know with Envita the plant can hold itself until I get there. You don’t want the plant to suffer because our timing is off.

It’s no different than us. We all need to stop for lunch and supper. The difference is, the plant doesn’t have all the options we do. It’s stuck in one spot and can only access the nutrition available. Envita gives me extra peace of mind that the plant is getting the nutrients it needs.

I’ve been excited for this stuff (Envita) to come along. I’m using it on all 1600 acres of corn next year and trying it out on some beans. I know it won’t always make that big of a difference everywhere, but it will be enough to make it worth it.”

Bo Raulerson