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Ted Gorski - Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Envita Grower Profile - Corn (foliar application)

Ted Gorski

Ontario, Canada

Envita Results:

  • 8-12 bu/ac yield boost compared to control consistently
  • Improved test weights - 62-63 lbs/bu
  • Healthier crop, bigger ears - longer and heavier


Ted Gorski and his family have farmed in southwestern Ontario since 1926. Today he farms with his 3 brothers approximately 3,000 ac of cash crops including corn, soybeans and winter wheat. Their philosophy - always look for better ways to improve yields and become better stewards of the land. Sustainability is key.

Ted wanted to try Envita because it gave him an option for N-fixation in crops other than relying solely on chemical fertilizers. If the plant can fix some of its own nitrogen, that’s good for yields and the land.

They applied Envita on corn as a foliar spray at the 8-leaf stage - a bit later than the ideal spray window. Plus, the season in south western Ontario was dry with only 1 inch of rain in July (on the last day) and 1 inch in August. Conditions were less than ideal and all the crops were under stress. Average yields in the area were down to 175 bu/ac.  

The results on Ted’s farm were different.

  1. Average yield was 226 bu/ac and he saw his yield monitor go up over 300 bu/ac in the Envita strips.
  2. The strips where he applied Envita led to an overall 8-12 bu/ac yield boost compared to the control strip consistently. 
  3. Where he applied Envita, the test weights were higher than his test weight table could measure at 62-63 lbs/bu, which he was able to verify at his local elevator
  4. The Envita-treated strips, which were all carried out at the full N rate, were healthier than control strips, the size of the ears were larger - longer and heavier.

This is a newly acquired farm for Ted and he and his brothers are interested to see how they can repeat the performance in years to come on other farms. “Success for me - there’s no magic bullet. If you improve 5 processes on the farm by 2-3%, you’ve got 15% improvement across your business and we’re happy for Envita to play a role in that,” concludes Ted.

We appreciate Ted’s willingness to share his Envita experience. He says “when we all share information, everyone becomes a little smarter.” Thanks Ted!



Joel Lipp - Laurel, Nebraska

Foliar Trial Participant - Corn

Joel Lipp

Laurel, Nebraska

Trial Results:

Envita treated yield: 293 bu/ac

Untreated check yield: 278 bu/ac

Soil type: Silty clay

Type of year: Wet

Acres booked: 2000


“We participated in the Envita Foliar trial because I really wanted to push the envelope on yield. We applied at the V6 stage of a wet year. At harvest we were running two machines. I was sitting in one, and I’ve never seen my yield monitor go that high. It was awesome to see. I’ll be doing more with Envita this year.” - Joel Lipp

Joe Rosenberg – Saint Ansgar, Iowa

Grower Program Profile

Joe Rosenberg

Saint Ansgar, Iowa

3500ac family run farm located in North Central Iowa. Joe has been farming since 1993 but the farm has been in the family for over 3 generations.

Envita use:

600ac corn

600ac soybeans

Acres booked: 1920


"This year we had decent planting, but then it got really wet. We finished harvesting about 2 weeks ago. I used Envita on part of my field, about 600 acres of corn and the corn was 4 points drier and the ears were further along. I also used it on 600 acres of beans. 

I also had 40 acres of another biological product and I couldn’t really tell the difference in the corn or the yield. It was also difficult to apply. I won’t be using it again next year. 

I really like the application process with Envita, I didn’t have to spend as much time mixing anything up. I would definitely recommend this product, and I already have. The results really surprised me, our corn was about 4 points drier than where we didn’t use Envita, which meant less gas needed to dry out our crops. I could tell exactly where I used Envita and our yield numbers were great. I also used Envita on some soybeans and noticed how much faster they came out of the ground." 

Joe Rosenberg

Bo Raulerson – Hayti, Missouri

Grower Program Profile

Bo Raulerson

Hayti, Missouri

2 corn in furrow trials


Trial 1: 31 bu/ac (13.96%) yield increase with Envita

Trial 2: 5.44 bu/ac (2.44%) yield increase with Envita

Acres booked: 1600

“Envita gives me the chance to fix what I don’t have a chance to do myself, whether it’s too much rain or we have other delays. So many things can go wrong on any given day, it’s good to know with Envita the plant can hold itself until I get there. You don’t want the plant to suffer because our timing is off.

It’s no different than us. We all need to stop for lunch and supper. The difference is, the plant doesn’t have all the options we do. It’s stuck in one spot and can only access the nutrition available. Envita gives me extra peace of mind that the plant is getting the nutrients it needs.

I’ve been excited for this stuff (Envita) to come along. I’m using it on all 1600 acres of corn next year and trying it out on some beans. I know it won’t always make that big of a difference everywhere, but it will be enough to make it worth it.”

Bo Raulerson

North Central Iowa Grower

Grower Program Profile

1 corn in furrow trial

Results: 26 bu/ac (18.84%) yield increase with Envita™

Acres booked: 600

“It was a wet year with over 50 inches of rain. We also had heavy winds at VT stage which led to green snap below the ear. The final stand was considerably lower than planted. The only difference in the Envita test was adding the Envita to the test.“
“We’re looking at 26 bushel/acre difference on corn. I was very impressed. We ran a test through Climate. It was at one point 6% higher moisture than my non-Envita crops and it all shows up on the test: there is quantifiable proof. Price is a big factor for future purchases. If we can hold the price down so we can take another look at it, I would be interested in purchasing for next year. I ran a lot of tests for a lot of companies, and only two of them were worth at looking at again. Envita was one of them. We are excited to move on. Count me in for next year.”


William Darnell - Caledonia, Mississippi

Grower Profile

William Darnell

Caledonia, Mississippi

140ac of cotton


300 lbs to the acre more with Envita

Grades were .05 to .08 cents higher with Envita

"I had a sample of Envita and decided to put it on my cotton, about a 140 acre block. Cotton is our major source of income for us. We left 20 acres untreated. Once harvested we kept the cotton seperate - that field where Envita was applied turned out 300 lbs to the acre more and the grades were .05 to .08 cents higher. 

Not to mention our cotton was better, the weight, the strength, the colour, quality (grade)  - it all paid off, it was fantastic. The plants that were treated with Envita were out of the ground a day or so earlier as well, faster to get to emergence. It shocked me how quickly it was up - you could visibly tell the difference in the rows that were planted with Envita and the rows that were planted without. 

I like to try new stuff on my crops, it’s all about doing more with less. I plan on using this product next year on my cotton and other crops and am really interested to see how it goes."

William Darnell