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Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

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Envita – In Furrow Application

Envita is compatible with most pop-up/starter fertilizers applied directly to seed as an in-furrow application when mixed and applied to recommended use instructions.  Below are a variety of tank mix partners that growers have reported to us that they have mixed with Envita.  We have not tested all these for the impact on Envita efficacy – if you have any questions regarding specific tank mix partners on the performance of Envita, please contact us.

Biological: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens MBI 600, rhizobia

Fertilizers: 0-20-0, 0-31-50, 2-15-15, 5-24-5, 6-46-4, 7-17-3, 10-20-10, 10-34-0, B, Co, compost extract, compost tea, Cu, cytokinin (kinetin), Fe, fish hydrolysate, fulvic acid, gibberellic acid, humic acid, indole-3-butyric acid, K2O, Mo, Mn, seaweed extract, sugars: glucose, fructose, molasses, urea(1%), Zn

Pesticide: bifenthrin, pyraclostrobin

If you are applying Envita in an in-furrow tank mix, please review the use instructions.


Envita – Foliar Application

Envita is compatible for tank-mixing with most leading post-emergent herbicides in corn.  Avoid mixing with 2,4-D, MCPA or herbicides containing these active ingredients.

If you are applying Envita in a foliar tank mix, please review the use instructions.