In 2017, there were three soybean trials carried out in Iowa, Nebraska, and Ontario, Canada. The impact of Envita™ was impressive.

  • In Iowa, there was a yield increase of 29% at 0 N and 8% at 44.8 kg N/ha
  • In Nebraska, there was a 2% yield increase across N levels
  • In Ontario, there was a 7% yield increase across N levels

The Envita difference:

Unique to Envita is its ability to move intracellularly within plant cells. It is the only bacteria proven to fix nitrogen within the plant cell — exactly where nitrogen is needed for plant growth. This Nitrogen-fixing solution supplies every cell with its own nitrogen source, unlike rhizobia, which fixes N only in nodules on the roots.

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Nitrogen fixing in rhyzobia treated plant vs. Envita treated plant (corn and soybean)