The 2018 Envita™ grower program included 9 soybean trials throughout the US. Over 85% of trials saw a yield increase, further validating previous years of research. Trials saw yield increases of up to 8% (bu/ac).

Trials demonstrated stronger emergence of Envita™ treated crop vs. control

Applied to the seed in furrow, Envita enters the plant at germination and quickly begins fixing N within plant cells, giving your soybean earlier access to the nitrogen it requires for emergence. Envita grows with the plant, providing nitrogen all season long regardless of environmental or soil conditions. 

The Envita difference – A new mode of action:

Unique to Envita is its ability to move intracellularly within plant cells. It is the only bacteria proven to fix nitrogen within the plant cell — exactly where nitrogen is needed for plant growth. This Nitrogen-fixing solution supplies every cell with its own nitrogen source, unlike rhizobia, which fixes N only in nodules on the roots.

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Nitrogen fixing in rhyzobia treated plant vs. Envita treated plant (corn and soybean)