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Envita. Nitrogen Now. In Every Cell.

Science Behind Envita™

Now your corn can fix nitrogen too

The use of fertilizers and particularly nitrogen fertilizer is necessary for crop yield and quality. Soybeans and other legume crops have a natural ability to fix nitrogen through their root system, a process supported by rhizobia which allows inoculated plants to create nodules that fix additional nitrogen in the soil. This practice is common place in soybean, but until now there has not been a similar solution for non-legume crops – now there is.

Envita™ is a naturally occurring, food grade bacteria – Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus, that was originally discovered in sugarcane. Envita forms a beneficial relationship with the host plant and provides nitrogen to every cell in the plant, both above and below ground, throughout the growing season.

How Envita works:

Envita is applied in furrow, where it quickly establishes itself within the plant, and grows with the plant as it grows. Unlike rhizobia which does not begin forming nodules until the root system is taking form, Envita starts to fix nitrogen very quickly and lasts season long. This provides the plant with an additional source of nitrogen during critical growth periods where nitrogen loss may occur due to environmental conditions.

Images of Envita in a corn plant:

These images show three things:

  • Envita is present inside the cells of the plant, not just in the roots but in the leaves
  • Envita is fixing nitrogen in a non-legume crop
  • The nitrogen produced is being used by the plant to produce chlorophyll in the leaves

Envita benefits:

  • Replaces 27% of a corn plant’s nitrogen needs or
  • When applied with recommended nitrogen fertility program, Increases corn yield on average between 5-13%, and in some cases up to 20%
  • Depending on Corn prices and your local yield potential, Envita can pay for itself with as low as 1% increase in yield
  • Similar results seen in Soybeans as Envita works throughout the plant and not just in the root system where the natural nitrogen fixing ability of Soybeans exist, increasing yield by up to 8%