Nitrogen Now. In Every Cell.

A new mode of nitrogen fixation for corn, soybeans and other crops


Applied in furrow, Envita™ is the only nitrogen fixing bacteria for corn, soybeans and other crops that works from within plant cells to fix nitrogen from root to leaf all season long.

Only $9.75/ac (USD)

Registered in all 50 states.

Increase corn yield on average between 5-13% and in some cases up to 20%

Increase soybean yield by up to 8%

Free shipping when you buy a full case (4 x 1.0 gal; treats 160ac of corn)

Using Envita in 2020 is risk-free with our Performance Guarantee.

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*To qualify for deferred payment, you must purchase a minimum of 160ac of Envita (4 gallons)