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Azotic North America submits Canadian registration for Envita™

Envita, commercially available to US farmers in 2019, will soon be available to Canadian farmers to help reduce overall input costs and increase yields.

For Immediate Release

Guelph, Canada  – September 24th, 2019 

Following six years of field research and a successful 2018 farm trial program in the USA, the revolutionary Envita will soon be commercially available to Canadian growers. Envita became available to US farmers in 2019. 

Envita is the only naturally occurring food-grade bacteria that forms an attachment with a host plant and provides season-long nitrogen to every plant cell. Over 80% of trials from the 2018 Envita grower program saw a yield increase with an average 7bu/ac increase, further validating previous 6 years of research trials. The product is currently registered in 40 states in the USA. 

Farmers want to feel confident that Envita can perform consistently at the farm level in local conditions,” explains Nolan Berg, President Azotic North America,2017 trials in Canada saw an average 7% increase in yield across all N fertilizer levels. So with an extensive Canadian research program and a registration package submitted, Canadian growers can soon use Envita with confidence in combination with their regular fertility program for a yield boost or to deliver same yields using less nitrogen.” 

Farmer Bo Raulerson of Hayti, Missouri completed the Envita 2018 grower program in 2 of his cornfields. The results have been so positive he signed up to use the product on 1600 acres of his corn in 2019, as well as trying it out on some of his beans. Similar results are predicted for Canadian farmers with the average Ontario corn yield of 183 bu/ac, compared to the average Missouri corn yield at 170 bu/ac. Raulerson explains how Envita gives him the extra peace of mind that his plants are getting the nutrients they need, he says “Envita gives me the chance to fix what I don’t have a chance to do myself, whether it’s too much rain or we have other delays. So many things can go wrong on any given day, it’s good to know with Envita the plant can hold itself until I get there. You don’t want the plant to suffer because our timing is off.” 

Envita has been submitted for registration with the CFIA and will be available for use in Canada.

For more information contact:

Mary Fearon, Director Communications

Azotic North America



About Envita

Envita is a naturally-occurring, food grade microbe that provides plants with the ability to fix their own nitrogen from the air replacing an average of 27%  of their nitrogen needs in corn. When applied in furrow or on seed, Envita grows with the plant, metabolizing nitrogen from the atmosphere (which is 78% nitrogen). Growers can choose to use Envita with their regular fertility program for a yield boost or deliver same yields using less nitrogen.

“Row crop farmers are quite familiar with the natural nitrogen fixing abilities of crops like soybeans.  Now imagine that crops like corn can also fix nitrogen on their own and not just in the roots – throughout the entire plant, all season long.  It’s like turning crops into nitrogen-fixing machines,” says Erika Wagner, Chief Agronomist North America, Azotic. “Whether farmers are looking to boost their yields, reduce their nitrogen, or both, Envita provides options.”

About Azotic North America

Azotic North America was formed to introduce this natural nitrogen-fixing technology to farmers in North America. With a North American offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, Guelph, Ontario and a global office in Nottingham, UK, Azotic has taken more than 20 years of academic research and created the first large scale, commercially available nitrogen-fixation product and  is now offering it to farmers across the globe. Finally, there is no compromise between high yield production agriculture and nitrogen sustainability.