Our team just wrapped up farm tours in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa to see Envita in the field. We talked with growers about their experience with Envita – here’s what we found:


Envita treated corn consistently showing:

  • More advance growth / taller plants
  • A denser root system
  • Less variability in maturity throughout treated section
  • Less leaf chlorosis in older leaves
  • Increased N in leaf tissues
  • Larger Cobs

1. More advanced growth & a denser root system

Minnesota, July: Envita treated plant on the right

NW Iowa, July. Left: 100% of N applied. Middle: 30lbs. less N and Envita. Right: 100% N and Envita

2. Less leaf chlorosis in older leaves

Nebraska – Reduced N trial – untreated plant showing leaf chlorosis

Nebraska – Reduced N trial – treated plant with less chlorosis

3. Larger cobs

Nebraska – Envita treated plants on the right


We are also seeing excellent results in soybeans including – more advanced growth and higher pod count.

Treated soybeans plots constantly emerged fastest and had a higher pod count.

Effect of Envita (left) on soybeans relative to untreated control (right). Increase in pod development for Envita treated soybeans.