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Azotic North America launches risk-free Partner Program for farmers to try Envita™ N-fixing bacteria on their corn in 2019

Following six years of field research, a successful farm trial program in 2018, and registration in 33 states, the revolutionary nitrogen-fixing Envita is now commercially available to all growers for the 2019 farm season; and with the Azotic Partner Program, it is completely risk free.

For Immediate Release

Raleigh, North Carolina – March 22, 2019

Envita is the only nitrogen-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant cells to fix nitrogen all season long. Through the Envita Partner Program farmers can experience the benefits firsthand.

“We recognize no amount of research or farm trials are as good as farmers trying a product themselves for the first time,” says Nolan Berg, President & General Manager, Azotic North America. “With the Envita Partner Program, growers have the chance to try Envita on their 2019 crops, risk free.”

On average, Envita delivers a 7-10 bu/ac yield increase and rarely delivers an increase of less than 3bu/ac, roughly the yield difference required to cover the costs of the product. Through the Partner Program, farmers who try Envita on corn in 2019 and don’t get a minimum 3bu/ac increase, will get their product replaced.


For more information contact:

Mary Fearon, Director Communications Azotic North America maryfearon@azotic-na.com 289-440-2654

About Envita

Envita is a naturally-occurring, food grade microbe that provides plants with the ability to fix their own nitrogen from the air replacing an average of 27% of their nitrogen needs in corn. When applied in furrow or on seed, Envita grows with the plant, metabolizing nitrogen from the atmosphere (which is 78% nitrogen). Growers can choose to use Envita with their regular fertility program for a yield boost or deliver same yields using less nitrogen.

“Row crop farmers are quite familiar with the natural nitrogen fixing abilities of crops like soybeans. Now imagine that crops like corn can also fix nitrogen on their own and not just in the roots – throughout the entire plant, all season long. It’s like turning crops into nitrogen-fixing machines,” says Erika Wagner, Chief Agronomist North America, Azotic. “Whether farmers are looking to boost their yields, reduce their nitrogen, or both, Envita provides options.”

About Azotic North America

Azotic North America was formed to introduce this natural nitrogen-fixing technology to farmers in North America. With a North American offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, Guelph, Ontario and a global office in Nottingham, UK, Azotic has taken more than 20 years of academic research i and created the first large scale, commercially available nitrogen-fixation product and is now offering it to farmers across the globe. Finally, there is no compromise between high yield production agriculture and nitrogen sustainability.