New Formulation from Azotic Technologies Results in Multiple Benefits


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New Formulation from Azotic Technologies Results in Multiple Benefits

York, UK – Azotic Technologies has announced multiple improvements to Envita®, its systemic nitrogen-fixing bacteria. The new formulation – Envita SC – comes with a more concentrated formulation, smaller packaging, and an expanded label for the US market.

This more concentrated formulation has a new application rate that is a quarter of the original formulation. One quart of Envita SC will treat the same acres as one gallon of the original formulation, resulting in easier handling and storage.

The changes in the Envita label clarify and expand the use patterns from typical row crops such as corn, soybeans, and cereals to forage crops, rice, cotton, potatoes, sugar beets and field-grown horticultural crops, among others.

Organic sources of nitrogen are limited, and a key advantage of the new formulation is its suitability for expanded organic certification. When Azotic obtains its organic certification, organic growers will be able to enjoy the benefits of Envita already seen by conventional growers. Azotic anticipates a strong demand from the organic sector.

“We are excited about the 2024 growing season,” says Aaron Eddy, National Sales Manager at Azotic. “The recently expanded sales team in the US is excited to launch Envita SC and look forward to working with the channel to bring Envita to US growers.”


About Azotic
Azotic ( was founded to introduce sustainable nitrogen-fixing technology to farmers across the globe. With global offices in York, UK and North American offices in California, USA and Ontario, Canada, Azotic has taken more than 20 years of academic research and created the leading nitrogen-fixation product in the world. Finally, there is no compromise between high-yield production agriculture and nitrogen sustainability.

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