Market conditions ideal for finding new ways to boost yields


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Market conditions ideal for finding new ways to boost yields

Boost your ROI with Envita™

As you finalize your 2021 crop plans, you might be wondering what not to grow – corn, soy, canola, and even wheat and barley prices are up, and it’s looking like there really are no bad choices. 

With commodity prices up, there’s a pretty strong argument to pull out all of the stops to get the highest possible yield out of every acre you farm. And that’s where Envita can help.

Envita is a nitrogen-fixing bacteria that boosts crop productivity when you add it to your normal N fertility program. In fact, depending on the crop, Envita can boost yields on average by 8-9 bu/ac in corn and 4-5 bu/ac in soybeans. More bushels per acre earning more dollars per bushel – this really is the year add Envita to your fertility plans. 


More corn, more profit

Let’s look at corn as an example of how Envita works to boost return on investment (ROI).

Say you grew a 200 bu/ac corn crop last year. At $3.50/bu., that was a $700/ac. crop. The same crop at today’s prices (which in early March were at $5.50/bu.) would earn $1,100 an acre. That means your corn is worth over 45% more today than it was last year, so the question is: how do you capitalize on that and get even more bushels from every acre this year? 

Envita has an answer. When added to your usual N fertility program, Envita provides a 8-9 bu/ac yield boost in corn and 4-5 bu/ac increase in soybeans. At today’s corn prices that is over $40/ac in additional revenue, which is roughly 4 times the cost of Envita.

And if you think those numbers are too good to be true, Envita is backed by a guarantee. If you apply Envita on corn, in furrow, at labeled rates and per use guideline, and don’t get a minimum 2.5 bu/ac increase we’ll replace all your product*.

No matter how you slice it, using Envita on top of your current N fertility plan means a far better ROI in any year, but particularly in one where commodity prices mean every bushel counts even more.


What about N prices?

You probably haven’t missed the fact that fertilizer prices are on the rise. Urea prices in some areas went up 10% between December 2020 and January 2021, which is significant. And with spring seeding in view, it’s unlikely the cost is going to come down any time soon, but will continue to rise.

If you’re wondering how Envita can help this situation, here it is: In corn, Envita can replace an average 27% of N in your current nutrient program with no loss of yield. 

So, if your corn nutrition plan calls for 200 pounds of N per acre, you can use Envita to replace the equivalent of around 50 pounds of that and significantly reduce your fertilizer bill while maintaining yield targets. Indeed, depending on what type of N you use, you could save $15 to $25 per acre on nitrogen alone by using Envita.

Most growers use Envita in addition to their recommended fertility program to reach top yields but whether your goal is higher yields or a lower fertilizer bill, Envita can help deliver the ROI you want this year and especially this year.


*Conditions apply. See 2021 Envita Performance Guarantee terms and conditions:


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