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“A Large Scale Solution That Merges Productivity and Sustainability” – an article by Becca Creasy at Growing America

Recently, the president of Azotic North America, Nolan Berg, had the opportunity to chat with Becca Creasy of Growing America, about the benefits Envitaprovides to both productivity and sustainability. Have a read!

Envita is the only N-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant cell to fix nitrogen all season long.

The US agricultural industry sits on a strong and prolific foundation of productivity. For as long as history knows, when new technology came to the marketplace, it had to prove its productivity value in order to catch the attention of a grower, let alone their adoption of said technology. That same principal still applies today, however there is an increasing interest in sustainability that almost runs parallel to productivity, with few instances of those lines crossing.

When it comes to technology that favors both productivity and sustainability, nitrogen fixing bacteria logically falls in that category. Rhizobia is a common bacteria known in the Ag space for fixing nitrogen in dicots (soybeans, and other legumes), but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that a new bacteria was discovered, called Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus, (we will just call it Gd.) that makes it possible for monocot crops to fix nitrogen by a single bacteria.

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