In Furrow Application Use in Corn

Envita™ is the ONLY nitrogen-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant cells to fix Nitrogen all season long. It works and we guarantee it!*

Applied directly to seed in furrow, Envita enables every cell in the plant to fix its own nitrogen.

  • Replaces an average of 27% of a corn plant’s nitrogen needs
  • Increases yield on average between 5-13% and in some cases up to 20%
  • Use with regular fertility program for yield boost or deliver same yield using less nitrogen

Originally discovered in 1988, Envita has been under development ever since with a focus on North American crops since 2012. We have data from more than 6 years of research trials and more than 50 farm scale trials across 11 U.S. states in 2018 proving Envita works. And yet, we recognize the only way for you to know how Envita will perform on your farm is for you to try it yourself. 

Giving farmers an easy, risk-free way to try Envita in 2020 is why we created the Envita Performance Guarantee.

The Envita Performance Guarantee is built on the fact that Envita delivers, on average, a 7-10 bu/ac yield increase
in corn and rarely delivers an increase of less than 3 bu/ac, roughly the yield difference required to cover the costs
of Envita. If you apply Envita on corn, in furrow, at labeled rates and per use guideline, and don’t get a minimum 3bu/ac increase we’ll replace all your product*.

Here are the program details:

  • Use at least 160 ac of Envita.
  • Leave an appropriate check within the same field (i.e. minimum of 5 ac, side by side treated area, similar soil type and topography).
  • Purchase and apply Envita by June 15, 2020 for use on corn.
  • Apply within a registered state within the USA.
  • Fertilize your field at recommended rates of nitrogen fertilizer (i.e. 100% of recommended N).
  • Apply Envita on corn in-furrow at labeled rates and per use guidelines.
  • Use a harvest monitor to measure the yield of the Envita treated area and the check area.
  • Envita on average returns a 5-13% yield increase and up to 20%. If you do not see at least a 3bu /ac increase we will replace
    your Envita product on any field that did not perform for the 2020 season and provide agronomic support to optimize your
    Envita experience.
  • If you do not wish to get product back in 2021, you have the option of taking $5/ac back in the fall of 2020 instead of taking product in 2021.  Calculations based on 40 ac/gallon application rate with maximum guarantee credits limited to the amount of product used on any given field in question. e.g. 160 ac of product purchased provides maximum guarantee credit options of 160 ac of free product in 2021 or $800.