Performance Guarantee


In Furrow Application in Corn 


Envita™ is the ONLY nitrogen-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant cells to fix Nitrogen all season long. It works and we guarantee it!*


Applied directly to corn in furrow, Envita enables
every cell in the plant to fix its own nitrogen.

  • Increases yield on average between 5-13% and in
    some cases up to 20%.
  • Replaces an average of 27% of a corn plant’s
    nitrogen needs.
  • Use with regular fertility program for yield boost
    or deliver same yield using less nitrogen.

Originally discovered in 1988, Envita has been under development ever since with a focus on North American crops since 2012. We have data from more than 6 years of research trials and more than 50 farm scale trials across 11 US states in 2018 proving Envita works.

We recognize the only way for you to know how Envita will perform on your farm is for you to try it yourself.


Giving farmers an easy, risk-free way to try Envita is why we created the Envita Performance Guarantee.


The Envita Performance Guarantee is built on the fact that Envita delivers, on average, a 7-10 bu/ac yield increase in corn and rarely delivers an increase of less than 2.5 bu/ac, roughly the yield difference required to cover the costs of Envita. A 2.5 bushel increase in corn yield more than pays for Envita. If you apply Envita on corn, in furrow, at the labeled rates and per use guidelines, and don’t get a minimum 2.5 bu/ac increase we’ll replace all your product*.

Program details:

  • Purchase at least 160 ac of Envita (4 gallons).
  • Apply Envita on corn as an in furrow application at labeled rates and per use guidelines.
  • Leave an appropriate check strip within the same field (minimum of 5 ac, side by side treated area, similar soil
    type and topography).
  • Purchase and apply Envita by June 15, 2021 for use on corn.
  • Apply within a registered US state.
  • Use a harvest monitor to measure the yield of the Envita treated area and the check area.
  • If the harvest monitor does not show at least a 2.5 bu/ac increase on the Envita treated area vs. the check area, we will replace your Envita product on the field that did not perform for the 2022 season (separate check strips are required on each distinct field Envita is applied).

Downloadable PDF: Envita Performance Guarantee Corn In Furrow


The Envita Performance Guarantee is also available for soybeans and other crops. For terms and conditions specific to your area, please contact us at