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Field Trial Validation

Azotic has conducted hundreds of field trials around the world. These trials have helped us “fine tune” our formulation for a nitrogen fixing solution, and have shown that Envita can work across many different crops in different growing regions.

These trials have included:

  • Corn (North America and Europe)
  • Soybeans (North America)
  • Wheat (North America and Europe)
  • Rice (Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand)
  • Potatoes (North America)
  • Tomatoes (United Kingdom)
  • Grass (North America and United Kingdom)
  • Sugar Beets (North America)

Many other crops have been evaluated with Envita™, and have been successfully colonized by Gd.

  • Oilseeds: canola and palm oil
  • Commodities: tea, coffee and cotton
  • Forage Crops: pasture grass, clover and silage corn

Independent field trials have shown significant yield increases due to Envita. If a grower wants a yield boost, they can apply Envita in combination with their regular nitrogen fertility program.  If a farmer wants to maintain their normal crop yield and reduce their nitrogen fertilizer that is an option too.  Farmers can select whatever option is best for their field:  yield boost or same yield with less nitrogen.

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