Envita™ Nitrogen-Fixing Microbial Inoculant


Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

1.0 gal (3.78L)

Envita™ is a naturally occurring, food-grade bacteria that provides nitrogen to every cell in the plant, both above and below ground, throughout the growing season.

  • 1.0 gal (3.78L) treats 40ac of corn
  • Replaces 25 to 50% of the plant’s nitrogen needs
  • Increases corn yield on average between 5-13%, and in some cases up to 20%
  • Depending on Corn prices and your local yield potential, Envita™ can pay for itself with as low as 1% increase in yield
  • Increases soybean yield by up to 8%
  • Applied in furrow, or as a seed treatment