Envita N-fixing bacteria for corn and other crops now registered in Canada for the 2020 growing season


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Envita N-fixing bacteria for corn and other crops now registered in Canada for the 2020 growing season

Following two years of commercial success in the US, Canadian farmers can use Envita to boost yields or achieve the same yields with using less nitrogen

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Guelph, Canada  – June 10, 2020 

Following six years of field research and successful farm trials in Canada and the US, the revolutionary Envita is now approved for use by the CFIA and commercially available to Canadian growers in 2020 as an in furrow or foliar application. Envita is the only N-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant cell to fix N, from the air, all season long when and where the plant needs it most. 

Envita completely changes the nitrogen equation for corn and other crops, fixing nitrogen in every cell all season long,” explains Nolan Berg, President Azotic North America, “We never get tired of seeing growers’ jaws drop when they hear that now their corn can fix nitrogen too.  Canadian trials saw an average 7% yield increase across all N fertilizer levels and with CFIA approval Canadian growers can now use Envita in 2020.”

Envita’s success on farms in the US, along with the introduction of a foliar application in 2020 will provide growers in Canada with more options for application methods and timing to suit the conditions of their farms. Growers in the 2019 foliar trial in the US averaged a 6 bu/ac yield increase despite tough growing conditions throughout the corn belt.

“We participated in the Envita Foliar trial in 2019 because I really wanted to push the envelope on yield,” says Joel Lipp who farms in Laurel, Nebraska. “At harvest we were running two machines. I was sitting in one, and I’ve never seen my yield monitor go that high. The Envita gave us a 15 bu/ac increase.”

With a spray window up to V6, Envita for foliar use will retail in Canada at an introductory discount price of $9.75 /acre. Limited quantities are available for the 2020 growing season and farmers throughout Canada can register online with direct-to-farm delivery options available. 

Growers can try Envita in 2020 risk-free with the Envita Performance Guarantee. If you apply Envita on corn, as a foliar application, at labeled rates and per use guidelines, and if it doesn’t pay for itself we’ll refund the difference as replacement product in 2021.

Envita is the only N-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant cell to fix nitrogen all season long.


Azotic North America was recently honoured by the Fast Company awards as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2020 as the only naturally-occurring, food-grade microbe. Envita’s season-long N fixation capabilities were again validated through two recent corn trials with the Iowa Soybean Association. The trials show how when Envita is applied with a recommended nitrogen fertility program, increases corn yield. These two independent trials compared corn results on Envita treated crop vs. untreated crop and showed a yield increase with an average of 9 bu/ac. 


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About Envita

Envita is a naturally-occurring, food grade microbe that provides plants with the ability to fix their own nitrogen from the air replacing an average of 27%  of their nitrogen needs in corn.  When applied in furrow or on seed, Envita grows with the plant, metabolizing nitrogen from the atmosphere (which is 78% nitrogen). Growers can choose to use Envita with their regular fertility program for a yield boost or deliver same yields using less nitrogen.

“Row crop farmers are quite familiar with the natural nitrogen fixing abilities of crops like soybeans.  Now imagine that crops like corn can also fix nitrogen on their own and not just in the roots – throughout the entire plant, all season long.  It’s like turning crops into nitrogen-fixing machines,” says Erika Wagner, Chief Agronomist North America, Azotic.  “Whether farmers are looking to boost their yields, reduce their nitrogen, or both, Envita provides options.”

About Azotic North America

Azotic North America was formed to introduce this natural nitrogen-fixing technology to farmers in North America. With a North American offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, Guelph, Ontario and a global office in Nottingham, UK, Azotic has taken more than 20 years of academic research and created the first large scale, commercially available nitrogen-fixation product and  is now offering it to farmers across the globe.   Finally, there is no compromise between high yield production agriculture and nitrogen sustainability.