Envita™ Foliar Application

"I've never seen my yield monitor go that high!"

Joel Lipp, Nebraska

Following clinical research and successful grower trials in 2019, the N-fixing benefits of Envita, previously only offered as an in furrow application, is now available as a foliar application. Growers now have more options for application method and timing to suit the conditions on farm.  Ideally sprayed between V2-V3, but up to V6, Envita quickly moves into the cells of the plant, grows with the plant, and fixes N within foliage and roots all season long, providing a consistent source of N where and when the plant needs it most.

Benefits of Envita as a Foliar Application

  • 2019 field scale grower trials showed an average 6 bu/ac increase
  • Tank mix and spray with leading post-emergence herbicides
  • Try Envita foliar RISK FREE in 2021 with our Performance Guarantee

Harvest Data Trial Location LABELLED

Grower Trial: Joel Lipp, Laurel Nebraska

Trial Details:

Envita treated yield: 293 bu/ac

Untreated check yield: 278 bu/ac

Soil type: Silty clay

Type of year: Wet

Results: “We participated in the Envita Foliar trial in 2019 because I really wanted to push the envelope on yield. We applied at the V6 stage of a wet year. At harvest we were running two machines. I was sitting in one, and I’ve never seen my yield monitor go that high. It was awesome to see. I’ll be doing more with Envita this year.”

Registered for foliar use across continental USA

NEW: Envita is now registered for use in Canada! Click here for more information & Canadian reservations.