Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

Azotic has conducted hundreds of field trials around the word. These trials have helped us “fine tune” our formulation, and have shown that EnvitaTM can work across many different crops in different growing regions.

These trials have included:

  • Corn (North America and Europe)
  • Soybeans (North America)
  • Wheat (North America and Europe)
  • Rice (Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand)
  • Potatoes (North America)
  • Tomatoes (United Kingdom)
  • Grass (North America and United Kingdom)
  • Sugar Beets (North America)

Many other crops have been evaluated with Envita, and have been successfully colonized by Gd.

  • Oilseeds: canola and palm oil
  • Commodities: tea, coffee and cotton
  • Forage Crops: pasture grass, clover and silage corn