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Azotic North America submits Canadian registration for Envita™

September 24, 2019

Envita, commercially available to US farmers in 2019, will soon be available to Canadian farmers to help reduce overall input costs and increase yields. For Immediate Release Guelph, Canada  – September 24th, 2019  Following six years of field research and a successful 2018 farm trial program in the USA, the revolutionary Envita will soon be…

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Envita – Late August In Field Observations

September 6, 2019

  Our team just wrapped up farm tours in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa to see Envita in the field. We talked with growers about their experience with Envita – here’s what we found: CORN: Envita treated corn consistently showing: More advance growth / taller plants A denser root system Less variability in maturity throughout treated…

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In-season trial results highlight positive Envita results.

August 1, 2019

“We far surpassed ‘knee high by the 4th of July’, even with the challenges that we’ve had this year.” Legends Seeds Agronomists share what they’re seeing in the field At this point in the growing season, the difference between Envita™-applied and non-Envita treated plants in field trials has become plainly evident and abundantly visible. At…

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"Nitrogen fixing bacteria more available to US farmers" – an interview with Matt McIntosh at Future Farming

May 20, 2019

Great conversation with Matt McIntosh at Future Farming about Envita™, and how it allows corn and other crops fix nitrogen. Have a read!  “As academic researchers attempt to breed nitrogen-fixing genes directly into corn, nitrogen-fixing bacteria are already being sold to farmers. Azotic North America is one of the companies that sell these nitrogen-fixing bacteria. According…

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Reducing negative impacts of heavy rainfall and nitrogen loss with Envita™

May 13, 2019

Avoid further delays and still get nitrogen all season long Wet soil and flooding this season have kept many farmers from applying nitrogen fertilizer at their ideal time; worries of nutrient leeching, along with the effect rain has on the window for planting can be a big concern for growers, at a pivotal time in…

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"Growers can still register for limited release of Envita"- An article by Chris Torres of American Agriculturist

April 12, 2019

We had a great chat with Chris Torres from American Agriculturist about Envita™, and how you can try it risk free in 2019. Have a read! “The president of Azotic North America is so convinced of the company’s Envita product that he’s willing to reimburse growers if they don’t see at least a 3-bushel-per-acre yield…

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"ENVITA™ A NATURAL NITROGEN-FIXING TOOL" – An interview with Brownfield Ag News’ Mark Dorenkamp

April 11, 2019

The President of Azotic North America, Nolan Berg, was recently interviewed by Mark Dorenkamp of Brownfield Ag News, about the benefits of Envita™ – check it out! “Another nitrogen-fixing tool is becoming more readily available. Canadian technology company Azotic says its Envita product can now be found commercially in 33 states. CEO Nolan Berg tells…

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Azotic North America launches risk-free Partner Program for farmers to try Envita™ N-fixing bacteria on their corn in 2019

March 22, 2019

Following six years of field research, a successful farm trial program in 2018, and registration in 33 states, the revolutionary nitrogen-fixing Envita is now commercially available to all growers for the 2019 farm season; and with the Azotic Partner Program, it is completely risk free. For Immediate Release Raleigh, North Carolina – March 22, 2019…

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Envita at the Commodity Classic 2019: Now corn can fix-N, within every cell, all season long. 

February 26, 2019

Join the Envita What’s New Session: Friday, March 1st to learn more.  We’ve had great interest and even better questions from farmers throughout the U.S. This session will answer those questions and more. The science behind Envita How does it work? How much N will it fix? Why not just apply more N? How is…

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North central Iowa grower sees 26 bu/ac difference with Envita™ despite over 50 inches of rain in 2018

February 1, 2019

Trial Overview Location: North central Iowa Population: 33,000 Nitrogen: 140 lb in fall the with N-serve Dry fertilizer: 30-60-90 Chemical: Pre – Harness Xtra Post – Calisto Envita™ acres planned for 2019: 600 “It was a wet year with over 50 inches of rain. We also had heavy winds at VT stage which led to…

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