Envita™ is a nitrogen fixing bacteria that can help your cornsoybean, wheatrice, and other crops. With this revolutionary technology, an average of 27% of nitrogen can be replaced, or you can maintain current N levels and work towards producing a higher yield.

The first graph below is a normal nitrogen response curve. As you add N, you will reach an optimum level to achieve maximum yield potential. The second graph is the predicted Envita nitrogen response curve; we believed that Envita would level out the curve, allowing growers to reach optimum N with less applied nitrogen fertilizer. What we found, however, was that Envita changed the curve entirely. We are seeing significant yield increases, with consistently heightened N.

This is likely due to:

  • Envita's quick availability, which is critical for early plant establishment
  • Less resources (water/energy) than are typically required to effectively transport N throughout the plant
  • Consistent availability of N throughout the growing season, particularly at critical growth stages

To see how these benefits have delivered for various crops, review field trials.