Benefits of Nitrogen Fixing with Envita


Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

In the Right Place at the Right Time.

Nitrogen in the Right Place at the Right Time

Envita®fixes nitrogen om the plant cell, providing:

• Nitrogen where the plant needs it.
• Nitrogen when the plant needs it.
• No risk of nitrogen loss (ex: leaching, volatilization, denitrification) due to environmental factors.

Benefits of Envita
Benefits of Envita

Consistent Results

Four years of data in corn and soybeans demonstrate the consistency Envita provides by making nitrogen directly available to the plant all season long.

Performance Guarantee

With over 30 years of research and development, Envita comes with a Performance Guarantee.

Benefits of Envita


Benefits of Envita


Envita is registered for all row crops, including corn, soybeans, cereals, pulses, canola, cotton and potatoes.

The following methods of application are used with Envita:

  • In-furrow or foliar application
  • Tank mix Envita with pop-up fertilizer or herbicide applications
  • Compatible with most pesticides, including glyphosate
  • Works with rhizobia inoculant

Liquid formulation

  • Low use rate
  • Pack size = 1 gallon jug
    • 40 ac/jug
    • 160 ac/case
Benefits of Envita

Fits your farm

Use Envita with your existing fertility program to increase yield. By providing the plant with nitrogen all season long Envita increases yield in current fertility programs.

Use Envita to support reduced N-fertility programs. You can maintain yields while reducing nitrogen by up to 25%.


To see how these benefits have been delivered for various crops, review field trials.

If you have any questions about how Envita works by using nitrogen-fixing biotechnology, please contact us.