2020 Farm Trial Program Results


Systemic Nitrogen Fixation

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2020 Farm Trial Program Results

Envita growers increase corn yields by an average of 8.4 bu/ac, and increase soybean yields by an average of 4.6 bu/ac when using N fixing Envita™


*In furrow applications

Over 260 Envita trials conducted in 2020 confirmed previous findings showing how Envita offers season-long N fixation when applied with a recommended nitrogen fertility programs, increases corn and soybean yields.

2020 was generally considered a dry year across mid-west corn and soybean growing states.  Crop stress can slow the efficiency of nitrogen transportation from the soil to the leaves of the plant.  Yield results from Envita are often higher under crop stress conditions because Envita is creating a season long source of nitrogen within the foliage – where and when N is needed to maximize yield.

Grower Testimonials

"Envita is now standard practice on our farm - we know it's working because we're not seeing late season signs of nitrogen deficiency anymore - no yellowing of the leaves or translocation of the nitrogen from the leaves." - Tyson Meeks, Idaho More

"I could tell on my monitor yields were higher in the areas we used Envita. I plan to use it on all 700 acres this year. It's like another mode of protection. You don't have to worry if there's nitrogen in the plant no matter what conditions the season throws at you." - Kurt MacSweyn, Ontario More

“We used Envita with an in-furrow application and had 262.5 bu/acre at 18% moisture vs. untreated 254.3 bu/acre at 18.3% moisture. 8.2 bu/acre yield advantage!!”- Steve Gayari, Yield Master Solutions grower, Michigan More

The benefits of using Envita outweighs the risk of NOT using it. I’ve tested it two years in a row, and corn treated with it consistently yields more, has better test weight and is a good 1/2 point drier. It will go on every acre I have from now on.” Jeremy Gappert, Yield Master Solutions grower, North Dakota More

“We had a dry season in south western Ontario with only 1 inch of rain in July and 1 inch in August. The crops were under stress and yields in the area were down to 175 bu/ac. Our results were different. Our average yield was 226 bu/ac and we saw the yield monitor go up to the 300’s in the Envita strips.” - Ted Gorski, Ontario More