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Envita. Nitrogen Now. In Every Cell.

Envita's Revolutionary Benefits

When was the last time you saw something truly game-changing in farming? Envita™ Nitrogen Fixing bacteria is about to change all of that.

Envita is a nitrogen fixing solution that fundamentally changes the nitrogen equation on your farm. Applied in-furrow, Envita enables every cell in the plant to fix its own nitrogen. Air is 78% nitrogen and Envita bacteria naturally metabolizes N directly from the air, allowing you to reduce your N fertility program and hit your yield goals OR maintain your N fertility program and shoot for even higher yields. You decide!

The Envita™ Difference:

  • Replaces 25 to 50% of the plant’s nitrogen needs.
  • Increases yield on average between 5-13%, and in some cases up to 20%.
  • Depending on corn prices and your local yield potential, Envita™ can pay for itself with as low as 1% increase in yield.
  • Similar results were seen in soybeans as Envita™ works throughout the plant and not just in the root system where the natural nitrogen-fixing ability of soybeans exist.

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Our Goal

Envita™ is one of most exciting innovations in agriculture within our generation. We will transform the way the world grows food by raising crop yield potential and reducing reliance on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. Until now, farmers had choose to either focus on higher yield or pursue more environmentally friendly farm practices. Now farmers can have both – a solution without compromise.

The Future of Agriculture

The future of agriculture is being formed by global trends of the most critical importance:

1. Exponential population growth
By 2050, global population numbers are estimated to skyrocket to almost 10 billion, making elevated food production a formidable challenge. Beyond the issue of available land and resources, the problem of increased energy use and expensive growing techniques will continue to be a challenge for growers of all types.

2. Availability of water
Extreme weather and drought are becoming more common around the world. No longer can we take for granted limited access to clean water. Farm practices need to evolve to optimize water use and keep water sources clean.

3. Environment under pressure
The global population is growing and the arable land base is not. This makes it critical to maximize yields on every acre of land while keeping the soil, air, and water around it clean and productive.

Envita allows farms to decrease their reliance on synthetic nitrogen while maximizing yield. At Azotic North America, we’re working to change the face of agriculture for the better.

About Us

As pioneers in agricultural science, Azotic North America has applied more than 20 years of research into the development of Envita™, a patented nitrogen-fixing bacteria that promises to change the face of crop production. Our focus is to take crop yield potential to the next level while delivering through environmentally friendly practices. Our team includes skilled biotech scientists; all using world-class research and proven experimentation techniques.


Revolutionizing farming practices across the country and around the world, Envita™ allows growers to take their yield potential to the next level with the option to reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizers applied to fields. Developed by world-renowned scientist Edward (Ted) Cocking FRS, Envita™ draws naturally-occurring nitrogen from the surrounding air, ultimately allowing practically any crop to fix its own nitrogen to boost yield, saving money on excess fertilizer while promoting eco-friendly growing practices.

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